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Bita wall pakage
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Bita Wall Pakage

Package B was released to the country's facilities market in December of 2017 by Elika Parts Development Company, which is one of the subgroups of Bhutan Industrial Group. This package was released to meet the economic needs of the market with a very competitive and extraordinary price. Bita wall package in three models, Bita 22 Open, Bita 22 Sealed, Bita 24 Selead, has been delivered to respected customers in the first phase after successful pilot tests and strict checks in lifetime laboratories. Bita package with authentic parts and It is produced and assembled in the Iranian factory in Bhutan, and the duty of distribution and after-sales services of this product for 10 years is the responsibility of Bhutan Industrial Company. Below we will review the B-Ta package:

Technical and electronic facilities of B package:

Equipped with closed combustion chamber (with fan)
Three-speed circulator pump with automatic preventive controls
Automatic three-way valve
It has two heat exchangers for heating and hot water consumption, with turbulator technology and the lowest sedimentation rate
Atmospheric burner with automatic ignition system
Flame protection ionization system
Safety system for discharging gases caused by combustion
Electronic fault finding system
Antifreeze system
Anti-grip system of pump and three-way valve
Safety system for controlling the minimum and maximum water pressure of the heating circuit
Safety system limiting the maximum water temperature of the heating circuit
Microprocessor control system of device operation
Adjustable slow ignition system
Anti-fluctuation hot water temperature system
Automatic bypass system
Automatic gas flow adjustment system
Automatic ventilation system
Can be connected to a room thermostat
High efficiency, equal to 90%
High reliability of B package:

Carrying out lifetime tests on parts
Conducting lifetime tests on the final product
Production and testing according to strict rules
Accurate selection of components from the best Iranian suppliers
B package panel:

Heating circuit water pressure display
Mode selection category (summer mode / winter mode / heating circuit temperature setting)
Spa circuit regulation category
LED indicating the operation status of the wall package