About Makanha

Makanha website was designed in 2014 with the aim of creating a database of different locations and businesses to provide a means to search and find information from various locations and businesses by providing information such as (contact numbers and addresses and positions Location as well as a brief description of the field of activities and services and products) accompany the dear compatriots for further information. And also a place to introduce different places.


During this time, we were able to receive positive feedback from both managers and officials from various places and businesses, and from our fellow citizens, which is what makes us happy, and it showed us that we can continue our path with greater power.


As time went on, according to the community's needs, the Makanha decided to expand its scope and eventually, along with providing comprehensive information, developed solutions for the development of e-commerce as well as boosting the economic prosperity of stores registered in Create this site. And thus, online sales will also be added to their services portfolio. But in the year 2016, the scope of the activities was towards globalization and entered into an international arena.


The advantages of using this website can be to lower the cost of building private sites for each store, for example, as well as focusing information and data, and comparing them among them for a better choice.

We hope that with more effort and thanks to the Lord, we can track our services in line with the company's overall policies for service and well-being of our compatriots and the rest of the world.